Nikola Thijsse


My name is Nikola, but call me Nikki. I first realised that I wanted to become a make up artist when I had to do a makeover for all my good friends for a party in London.



Now I am qualified in MEDIA/TV,PHOTOGRAPHY and FASHION make up and hair and I live in Surrey, but also I travel to different locations like London and Luton.

I have been working as a make up and hair artist for the last 5 years. Over these years I have met lots of different, interesting people, travelled to many locations, but mainly improved my skills by learning from others and my own self.

I mainly work with actresses and actors in London -headshot photography, theatre, music videos, models in fashion shows, mature models in fashion styling blog, photographers and TV commercials.

In Surrey where I live now I have been a working as a wedding make up artist and can also offer for your spacial day simple wedding hair styles and help with brides maids or our sweet mums. 

I am also an animal lover and I have my own amazing dog, I chose to invest more in natural and cruelty free products in my make up kit. 

If you need a help with your make up for that special day you can always call me and ask, but don't forget... real beauty comes from inside. Stay beautiful.

Mainly working with:

      Kim Hardy Photography (

         Cello Health Communications (

Tristar Television (

Judy Bentinck (

The Bias Cut (

Private Clients