Bride to be 


A few years ago I got married and I remember that moment like it was yesterday. 

That special day is full of emotions, excitement, happiness and love. I wanted to look beautiful but still be me so my husband can picture me like this forever. 



How I work 



We will arrange your trial day where we can discuss things about you and your skin. I will be very happy to give you advice and tricks to look after your skin, before your big day. 


On the day


I will arrive on your wedding day early to prepare my make up and brushes. After I have set up your skin will be cleaned. I will give you a short face massage with oils that will really relax you. Don't be worried these oils won't leave your skin oily, but they will absorb nicely in to your skin and leave it looking nice and fresh. We can play your favourite music in the background and you can drink your champagne. Applying make up will take about an hour and I will make sure that it can hold for a long day. Individual or full eyelashes can be applied. I work with natural and vegan make up so as not to harm to your skin or any animals. It looks great and you can feel better about not just yourself, but also about being friendly to our planet.

Price list:

£100 Trial Make up and Simple Hair

£80 Trial just Make up

£160 Wedding day Make up and  Simple Hair

£140 Wedding day just Make up

£80 Mother of Bride Make Up

£60 Bridesmaid Quick Make Up on the Day